Text to speech online app revolution

With the advancement of time comes a wide array of technological revolutions innovated by mankind; one of them being text-to-speech converters. Utilizing highly intricate technology, individuals could now convert virtually any text form into synthesized speeches. Amazingly, these speech outputs could also be further synthesized to carry human-like pitch, tones, and styles, etc. Browsing through thousands of voice libraries collected from people around the world, the text-to-speech online app can now convert text input and produce lifelike as well as natural-sounding speeches in just a click of a button.

Why you need a text-to-speech online app

If you’re a video content producer not wanting to be left behind by media giants and looking to produce the same quality content but for a cheaper budget, then a text-to-speech online app is the program you need. By using a text-to-speech online app, you can crunch down on the production period and access your work-in-progress anywhere you want. Also known to maximize views and boost traffic for any video content, these apps could help overcome language barriers by offering non-native speakers of a language a highly accessible aid to have their messages be heard all across the world.

With the aforementioned advantages, a text-to-speech online app is simply the go-to niche software for all kinds of video editors. But with the many different variations of the program sprouting all over the market, you’re bound to be a little overwhelmed. So to help you get started and find the app best suited for you, here’s a list of the top 3 best text-to-speech online apps in the market.

There are many text-to-speech apps on the market that can convert text into speech. Some of them are free, and some of them require a small fee. Let’s see the most popular ones:

The best text-to-speech online apps

1. Newscaster Vocalizer

Known to be the very first text-to-speech app with revolutionary neural technology instilled inside its mechanism, the Newscaster Vocalizer is one of the best programs a content producer could subscribe to for post-production voice-overs. Boasting rave reviews, this product is powered by the Amazon Polly Newscaster service and features an exclusive newscaster speech style as one of the many different options to accommodate any of your voice-over needs. With unlimited and seamless exportation of voice-over files to any type of video editing apps, rest assured you’ll be able to produce your desired videos with ease. This program also includes a fully functional commercial license and is cloud-based storage, making saving your progress or finished productions a breeze.

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2. Script Vocalizer

With 42 lifelike voices in 24 different languages to choose from, the Script Vocalizer has mastered the text-to-speech online app mechanism down to a T. This particular online text-to-speech brand has a fairly simple point-and-click interface, allowing even the most inexperienced user, with no technical skill whatsoever, the ability to generate professional sounding voice-overs in just seconds. Utilizing advanced deep learning technologies to instill precise speaking styles when synthesizing, you’ll be amazed at how human-like the output speeches are. Similarly, the Script Vocalizer also comes with commercial licensing, fully could-based storage as well as smooth voice file export from one app to the other.

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3. Wave Net Vocalizer

Previously used as the sourcing generator for Google Assistant’s many voices, the Wave Net Vocalizer is simply a crowd favorite among video content producers. Allowing its users’ direct access to the Wave Net technology and aids from Google’s massive processing power, video editors could generate amazingly natural-sounding and full-featured voice-overs from any input text whatsoever, all with just a click of a button. Beating out Script Vocalizer, the Wave Net Vocalizer boasts an impressive voice library of 84 lifelike voices across 27 different languages. With such an exclusive function, it’s a no brainer for Wave Net Vocalizer to have a cult following.

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Text-to-Speech software is a type of speech synthesis that is designed to convert text into audible speech. All in all, the three aforementioned software are major players in the text-to-speech online app industry and for good reasons as well. Each features general benefits of offering seamless file exportation between video editing programs, full cloud-based storage and commercial licensing. But there are also a number of exclusive in-app functions that set them apart from each other and above the rest of the developed text-to-speech programs already in the market. If you’re a video content editor looking to save some bucks but still wanting to produce quality videos with even more quality voice-overs, be sure to check out the above mentioned online programs to find the text-to-speech online app best suited for you.

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