What is a webinar? This is the most striking question that perhaps many business people or individuals seek answers about. A webinar software is a video conferencing software that engages online events. It facilitates presentations, seminars, workshops, and lectures via the internet. This software allows participants or users to share documents, audios, and videos lively as the function goes on thereby allowing people to participate actively throughout the program. Apparently, these software come in different forms with some being offered for free and others for subscription fees. Various types of these software are usually designed and equipped with many features that include in-built polls, surveys, live chat, live streaming, email marketing, and automatic recording elements. The choice is always to the user to decide which software best suits his or her needs. Let’s take a look at the best webinars platforms and the webinar benefits.

What are webinar platforms?

Many people are interested in learning about the webinar meaning. A webinar is an online discussion session that can be held on the platform. You can interact with other people from other places easily. You will never be limited to space because everything can be done via the Internet. The main feature of the live webinar is interactivity. You can discuss, send, and also receive any information in real-time. If you want to use the best webinars platform, you can consider using the GetResponse. It allows you to get a lot of benefits from your email marketing and sessions for promoting your brands effectively.

What is the best webinar software?

The best webinar software is the one that allows the users to record and share their content easily without undergoing any difficulties and eventually allowing them to make follow-ups in order to ensure that everything goes on well. Additionally, it also permits users to capture and deliver videos that are of high-quality so that they can give a good impression. It should also be ideal for business individuals and companies in the sense that it should allow them to automate their sales processes in order to generate more revenues at all times. More so, it should facilitate interactions in an easy way between a business owner and his or her potential customers thereby enhancing their relationship through proper understanding.

Some of the top best software for webinars are EasyWebinar, WebinarNinja, and Demio, GetResponse, Clickmeeting.


EasyWebinar is a growth and development software for businesses and has the most user-friendly features for your service. It is one of the best software since it can greatly enhance lead generation strategies, attract more customers and onboard client’s through interactive training which is made possible by its inbuilt integrated features.

Key Webinar Features:

  • No-Delay Streaming
  • Real-Time Chat
  • Run HD ScreenSharing
  • Record and Archive
  • Make Any Attendee A Presenter
  • EasyCast
  • Amazing Audio with TrueVoice Technology
  • Multiple Presenters

Pricing Packages:

EasyWebinar offers plans from USD 78 per month and offers a free trial.

Get started with a 14-day free trial of EasyWebinar today. 



WebinarNinja is another best webinar software platform that is professionally designed to allow you to share ideas in an efficient manner. This platform can result in significant growth to your business by reaching out to your target market and consumers in an effective manner. It’s a highly engaging software that can produce great customer satisfaction. This software increases brand visibility across various social media platforms thereby promoting your business. Owing to its tremendous advantages, WebinaNinja is a must-have webinar software that would impact positively to your business operations.

Key Features:

  • Create a webinar in 10 seconds flat
  • Run Live, Automated, Hybrid and Series Webinars
  • Automated Webinars
  • Email Notifications & Automations
  • Keep all your marketing assets in WebinarNinja Media Library
  • Custom registration and thank you pages that convert
  • Statistics
  • The WebinarNinja Academy
  • Integrations: MailChimp, HubSpot, AWeber, etc.

Pricing Packages:

WebinarNinja offers plans from $39 per month and offers a free trial.

Get started with a 14-day free trial of WebinarNinja today. 



Demio is also a good webinar software platform that can allow the user to run webinars more effectively with less work. It contains a wide range of marketing tools which permits a business to give better outcomes. It’s mainly designed to enhance the development of a business. Demio has a user-friendly interface that can greatly generate higher rates of attendance on an individual’s webinars since it’s highly compatible with many web browsers which allow people to join your platform without any hindrance. It provides automated and live webinar sessions, replays, registration pages among many other things that would ensure your programs are run smoothly.

Key Features:

  • Join in the browser with one click
  • Deliver HD content in real-time on a platform that’s truly reliable
  • Demio provides you with all the tools you need to drive more registrants
  • Create & customize a beautiful registration process
  • Increase attendance with email notifications

Pricing Packages:

Demio offers plans from $34 per month and offers a free trial.

Get started with a 14-day free trial of Demio today. 



GetResponse webinar is one of the most popular webinar software platforms on the market today. Many people are using this software to engage leads, connect with their audiences, and promote brands on the Internet. It is very easy and comfortable for you to use this webinar platform. You can combine this webinar platform with your email marketing strategy. This software allows you to use the registration form for collecting new email addresses. Once you are ready with your next webinar, you can send invitations and reminders to all of your email subscribers with a few clicks. GetResponse system allows you to send thank you messages and also drip email campaigns to all webinar registrants.

Key Features:

  • Share files in many formats and add YouTube videos to your presentation 
  • Use chat to boost engagement
  • Share your screen during your presentation 
  • Collect valuable feedback
  • Nurture your leads with email invites and reminders
  • Set up evergreen webinars

Pricing Packages:

GetResponse offers plans from $15 per month and offers a free trial.

Get started with a 30-day free trial of GetResponse today. 



Clickmeeting is another recommended webinar platform that you can use today. It can be considered as a good webinar platform. You will be able to stream your webinar event live on YouTube or Facebook. It allows you to attract a lot of people who are interested in your topic. Clickmeeting is the best platform for you who want to have online business meetings and collaboration with several people easily.  You can discuss your topic, show presentation slides, and also share your screen with other people instantly.

Key Features:

  • Customize your webinar room and other elements with a few clicks
  • Automated webinars
  • Achieve more with account add-ons
  • View all your past and upcoming webinars on a handy timeline
  • Create subaccounts
  • Customized invitations

Pricing Packages:

ClickMeeting offers plans from $22 per month and offers a free trial.

Get started with a 30-day free trial of ClickMeeting today. 


Benefits of Using a Webinar Platform

a. Cost-Effective

It is one of the most important benefits of a webinar. It is very affordable for you to have a webinar, in order to talk about your topic. You can eliminate the needs of renting space for having your discussion or meeting sessions. Most webinar platforms allow you to have unlimited meeting sessions with an affordable monthly fee.

b. Expansive Audience

When you use a webinar platform for delivering your online classes or discussion sessions, you can attract a lot of people on the Internet. Your viewers can come from many different cities and countries from around the world. It allows you to promote your brand or yourself to a lot of potential clients, so they can become your loyal audience.

c. Lead Generation

The effective lead generation process is one of the best benefits of a webinar. When people are interested in discussing your topic, they can join your webinar session. They can become potential leads for your business. A webinar is very effective to attract a lot of leads for your business.

d. Guest Presentations

A good webinar platform also allows you to have guest presentations easily. This platform can offer two-way communication between you and your audience. Your audiences can present their ideas, thoughts, or interesting topics in your meeting. It can be a good webinar meaning and benefit for all users.


After looking at all the benefits of a webinar, many people are interested in learning about the best webinar software. Arguably, these are the best software for webinars that you need to purchase since they would facilitate better service delivery as you run your activities.